The World Wide Web is like our savior at all times.You want to know a restaurant rating you, find it there, you want to know where is the nearest dentist you will find it on the web with an appointment made in less than a minute. Any piece of information you want is readily available on the web and not just information now you have shopping facilities provided by the click.

Since web is very accessible for quite a while now, tons of websites provide similar content. The only thing that makes a website better than the otheris that some websites are designed better, with professional SEO and extensive featured ads and which makes it famous.  When it comes to the layout of the website unique designs are not so much of a science. You need some patterns, texture, color scheme, word font, pop up buttons, etc. all this coding is the work of a web designer and with some guide you can make your site quite attractive.

When it comes to the Tech stuff there are few things to keep in mind. Most people don’t like crapped up layout, when there is too much of a designing and patterns without enough whitespace,such layout makes the site too tacky for some people to handle.

Background effects give quite lovely technical effects to the website. They are quite rare on their own way because it depends on each design. It might come in 360 layouts or withthe BG photos.

Accessible menu icons is quite necessary in a website design, no matter how unique or attractive layout your website has, the people who visit them won’t find menu buttons or easy direction to the listed content they are expecting to find, they will eventually bounce off your site.

The increasing use of social media has made it necessary for websites to have a social media page where there are links to the respective site. If you have a website and not an updated Facebook page, the traffic to your site will be less likely to increase.

Another very important part of the content in a website is the title, an attractive and appropriately optimized title will be attractive and easily accessible by search engines.

More people now visit websites through their cell phones, so it is very important that your website has mobile-friendly layout as well. Sites that just have basic desktop layout will provide overriding images and content which will be quite inaccessible for mobile users.