Are you looking for ways to increase converted customers in your websites? Do you want to globalize your site so that other localities understand and are well-informed about your business?

It has become a must nowadays to set your business at par if not above the other businesses in terms of useful trends and technological advancements. Business ventures today have now invested in marketing their website through search engine optimization, Facebook ads, even increasing traffic by pay per click. All of these options are good but another effective tool you can use is localizing and translating your website using

It is an exceptional solution for your business marketing goals and is regarded highly in the world of website localization. Your business site can now reach and convert global customers in a very convenient way, translating your website using their local language.

What are its special features and how does it works?

Localizer is very easy to use. It accurately translates your entire website in just a few clicks or you can set future content to be automatically translated by setting it up beforehand. It is also an effective marketing tool for you without spending so much on various new campaigns. This is because each site’s translation is a website unto itself. It will also get its own slot on your URL domain. Even images can be localized easily.

Translation using localizer will take just a few seconds. The context-specific translation will come through based on what the reader’s preference is. The software is very convenient for your needs.

The localization process is being simplified that the whole website can be translated in just one click. The explicit cost of localization with indexing, word count and full content extraction will be available for viewing.

As new content is being released on your website, you have the option to automatically translate them to do away with repetitive tasks. You can set up rules and the Localizer will detect, translate and publish any additional content automatically.

A visual editor will localize, edit or order translations on your active website. Intuitive translation management interface will be available for your in-house teams and a machine translation interface will do the localization to almost any language

One of the setbacks with using local interpretations is the contextualization with translations. Right words are to be penned together to form coherent thoughts and so the reader can make sense of the translation. You need to find a software that does accurate translation otherwise lost sales will happen. Localizer does this and more. It is specifically designed to provide accurate contextualization and is the leading software in the market right now.

Businesses are choosing Localizer because they are confident that in terms of meeting their goals of increasing sales that will satisfy their global audience, they will not be disappointed. Most larger companies translate wordpress sites can attest to its effectiveness and the convenient way the “hands off” approach is being presented. You can be confident that the text you put up is being translated the right way.